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Niteen Parulekar Architects Private Limited – NPAPL is an innovative architecture house with 20+ years of
presence in the industry and many popularly recognized projects to its credits. Having its headquarters in
Mumbai, the firm was established in 1996, showcasing its expertise in the areas of; Master Planning,
Architectural Design Consultancy, Architectural Design and Build, Interior Design Consultancy, Interior Design
and Build, Landscaping, Project Management Consultancy & MEP.

Over the years, NPAPL has extended its services and expertise to the following sectors; IT/ITES, Healthcare,
Hospitality, Financial, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Pharmaceutical.

Mr. Niteen Parulekar, the Chief Design Principal and founder of NPAPL leads the organization along with
veterans in the industry and young individuals passionate about design and innovation, carrying rich
experience and industry knowledge. Some of the iconic and specially significant projects delivered by NPAPL
are as follows; Motilal Oswal (Prabha Devi, Mumbai), Palladium Mall (Worli, Mumbai), Dhirubhai Ambani
School (BKC, Mumbai) EON Tech Park (Pune), Radisson Blu (Goa) to name a few. At NPAPL, we strive
towards equal opportunity and growth for all. We believe in staying ahead with state of the art designs
and innovation for all our projects.



Atul Chordia, Chairman & Managing Director, Panchshil Realty

"Projects that are a statement unto themselves!"

Motilal Oswal, Chairman, MotilalOswal Financial

"Understanding the client’s needs and converting them creatively to ensure satisfaction."

Ramdev Agarwal, JT Managing Director and Co-Founder, Motilal Oswal Financial

"Keeping things simple yet effective seems to be his mantra!"

Madan Jain, Chairman, Bhairaav Group

"Professional, practical and very accommodating in his approach to a project. I am sure we will be utilizing his services again."

Vivek Jain, Managing Director, Bhairaav Group

"An excellent combination of a good architect, a clear visualizer and a better human being."

Kapil Wadhawan, Chairman and Managing Director, DHFL

"Creative designs within a short turnaround period, impressive!"

Atul Goel, Managing Director, Goel Ganga Developers

"His understanding of the project and various carefully thought out proposals add value to the project in time and money."

Amit Lunkad, Owner, Lunkad Realty

"Knowledge of architecture coupled with principled integrity make for a winning combination."

Alfaz B Miller , Principal Associate Director, ABM Architects

"Niteen is the rockstar architect, who took the profession by storm. He has matured over 25 years of producing a prolific range of projects. His design vocabulary is vast and he manages one of the more successful firms in recent times. I wish him all the best."

Raja Aederi Owner, Raja Aederi Associate

"Youthful and keen to do projects that are challenging, I can see why he has outdone himself!"

Brinda Chudasama Miller Director and Art Consultant, ABM Architects

"Niteen has a passion and interest for all good things in life… this makes him the successful and astute architect that he is. Not many know that he is also a talented artist."

Atul Ruia Managing Director, Phoenix Market City

"Each design that comes out of the studio tells one something more about the man!"

Vijay Wadhwa, Chairman, Wadhwa Group

"Satisfying clients with simplistic designs and cost effective solutions is an art that Niteen Parulekar seems to have perfected."

Ashish Raheja, Managing Dirctor, Raheja Universal

"What impressed is the understanding of bridging thoughts and ideas with reality and bringing them to life on paper."

Shantanu Rane Partner, Red Brick

"God gifted sense of carving out design from a mass… and meticulous detailing and apt material choice to ensure that the structure stands the way it is perceived."

Ayush Goenka Director, Red Brick

"Blending both functionality and aesthetics, and in a commercially viable way, is what pulls Niteen Parulekar apart from the rest."

Keshav Murugesh, CEO, WNS

"Ingenuity in design and promptness in delivery of a project are what come to mind immediately."

Narayan Murthy, Founder, Infosys

"The ability to understand a client, translate his needs onto paper and present them effectively stands out."

Hafeez Contractor, Owner, Hafeez Contractor and Associates

"I feel that it is very important to recognize young architects with passion for creativity. It’s heartening to see Niteen exudes that in his work."

Vijay Kamdar, Chairman & Managing Director, Sri Group

"In every project, NPAPL articulates the aspirational values of a developer and the end user, which in turn increases the bottom line of the project. We wish them the very best for all their future endeavours."