Mission & Vision

Mission &Vision


► Creativity coupled with passion – forming a Centre of Excellence for innovation centric designs.

► Moving forward each day with a commitment to become the #1 company in ‘Design and Build’
      for clients across the globe by 2020.

► To become the most preferred ‘Project Management Expert’ for clients across the world.

► To be the company that best translates a client’s need for ‘Interior - Design & Build’, showcasing
      state-of-the-art and iconic landmarks.


► Constantly endeavoring to build the company’s business on the trust of our clients.
      Hence, translating the company’s Vision Statement into a reality.

► Believing in equal opportunity and growth for all. Progressing with partners / project
      stakeholders towards achieving the highest goals. Hence, believing in and practicing a win-win philosophy.


► Transparency

► Honesty & Integrity

► Offer value for money

► Equal opportunity to all

► Creativity coupled with innovation

► Smart entrepreneurial instincts

► Sound customer relationship


► Quality assurance and quality control are key.

► No compromise on workmanship and product quality.

► Zero tolerance to defect.

► Aiming at being certified with Quality accreditation.

► Provide quality products that meet or exceed customer needs, expectations, and requirements.

► Products are checked at source during purchase and checked at site on delivery, clearance is
      obtained by PMC team and the client before being used for construction.

►Create an organizational culture that focuses on meeting requirements and continuous improvement.


► Clear record of zero accidents at site till date.

► Precautionary measures are carried out against fire accidents.

► Adequate Safety training is provided to all.

► Adherence to safety precautions and procedures is mandatory.

► NPAPL complies with applicable occupational safety and health regulation.

► Strives to maintain an accident free and healthy work environment.